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LeBron James Shows Off His New Sneakers, The LeBron 8 V/2 ‘Graffiti’

(via Instagram/King James)

(via Instagram/King James)

Even at age 36, LeBron James is finding new ways to grow his game and dominate the NBA. As the 4x MVP continues to master his playmaking, leadership, and shooting abilities, he is proving once again that he should never be counted out of the NBA's most elite.

Perhaps even more impressive is the dude's shoe game which, even 17+ years after his debut as a pro, continues to be top-notch.

On Instagram, the Lakers superstars unveiled the newest piece to his signature line, the 8 V/2 "Graffiti," and it's seriously all the rage.

Naturally, fans were split on how good the kicks look...

Needless to say, it's sort of a "you love it hate it" kind of thing, but it has still captured a lot of attention online.

Whenever LeBron James is involved, that is usually what happens.