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LeBron James Supports Chris Paul On The Sidelines For Game 5: “He Was There For My First Finals...”

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

The 2021 NBA Finals have not panned out how most people expected. With a hard-fought, back and forth between the Suns and Bucks, we’ve got two relatively inexperienced teams fighting for the title.

For Chris Paul, in particular, this is his best, and maybe last, chance to win a Championship.

On the sidelines, his good friend LeBron James was there to cheer and support him.

Here is what LeBron had to say during a mid-game chat with the media:

“I’m proud as hell of CP, I’m here for CP. He came to my first Finals appearance and this is my giving it back to him. We’ve been a brotherhood since we came into the league and we gonna ride or die with one another.”

Pretty cool of LeBron to show up for his long-time friend during what might be the height of his career.

And while LeBron won his first Finals almost 10 years ago now, and has won four in total, Paul has yet to add that accomplishment to his resume.

This year, with his Suns within reach of the title, Chris Paul is on the verge of making history.

We’ll see soon enough if he and his team can get it done. Either way, though, LeBron will be right there to support him.