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LeBron James Talks About The Lakers' Roster Amid Trade Rumors: "I Love What We Have.”

LeBron James Talks About The Lakers' Roster Amid Trade Rumors: "I Love What We Have.”

LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers are set to resume play tonight against the Indiana Pacers. The purple and gold are still considered the biggest favorites to win the NBA championship in a couple of months but that hasn't prevented them from being linked with a series of players in recent days.

The 2021 trade deadline is approaching and every team around the league is trying to get better through the trade market, including the Lakers. However, LeBron admitted he's not paying much attention to that since he's happy with the agents the team has right now. Nevertheless, he clarified that if given the chance to improve the squad via trades or in the buyout market, he would consider making a couple of moves.

Via Mark Medina of USA Today:

“I’m not in the mind frame as far as what needs to happen as far as our roster,” James said. “For us, what needs to happen is we want to play better basketball with the group that we got. I believe in every guy in our locker room and every guy that hits the floor on every given night. Obviously throughout the course of the season, if there is an opportunity for your team to get better throughout trades or the market of guys getting bought out and things of that nature, you assess that then. But I don’t put my mindset to it. I don’t really think about it in my career. I love what we have.”

The King is ready to lead his team to make the playoffs in a very competitive Western Conference. The Lakers currently rank 3rd in the West with a 24-13 record, trailing the Utah Jazz (27-9) and the Phoenix Suns (25-11). They want to defend their title and even without Anthony Davis on the floor, they want to get the job done.

In recent days, they've been linked with a couple of big men, including Andre Drummond, DeMarcus Cousins, and LaMarcus Aldridge. They could make more moves in the trade deadline and the following days so don't expect the Lakers to be quiet and free of rumors from now until the end of March.