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LeBron James Talks About What It's Like To Play For The Lakers: "The Pressure Is Different"

LeBron James Talks About What It's Like To Play For The Lakers: "The Pressure Is Different"

In the summer of 2018, the NBA world looked on in shock as LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2nd time but this time, joined the Los Angeles Lakers. This split was far less acrimonious than the one in 2010 when he left for the Miami Heat, but this move raised a lot of questions, as the Lakers were not a competitive team at the time. 

Many believed LeBron made a move to start transitioning his career into his post-basketball phase. The first thing he did in LA was begin production on Space Jam 2 and live the lavish LA lifestyle. But when it came to the court, LeBron was as focused as ever on bringing a championship to the legendary franchise. 

That dream was realized in 2020 and LeBron has cemented himself in the annals of Lakers history by leading them to a title. In the trailer for the upcoming LA Lakers docu-series on Hulu, LeBron reveals what it's like to play for the Lakers. 

"The pressure is really what drives me. Playing in the purple and gold, it is a different feeling." 

LeBron would go on to talk about Kobe Bryant in the trailer and say that he knew the Lakers were going to win the championship after he heard the news of the legendary Laker passing away. 

The pressure of playing in the purple and gold hasn't been too much for LeBron or even his co-star Anthony Davis. However, it seems Russell Westbrook is having a hard time and will be shown the door soon.

Living up to the Lakers' pressure is impossible. Many people believe just 1 championship for the Lakers isn't enough considering what the other greats of the franchise have achieved. As a result, LeBron still has a lot of work to do in the remainder of his career in LA to cement himself as a franchise legend.