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LeBron James Tried To Take A Free Throw With His Eyes Closed And Missed Badly: "I'mma Shoot This With My Eyes Closed"

LeBron James Surpasses Oscar Robertson To Become 4th On The All-Time Free-Throw List

LeBron James has a tendency to make the impossible look easy. Even when it might not be his forte. James, despite being in the NBA for almost 20 years, has been playing at the highest level possible and has been doing some of the most spectacular things on the court we have seen. But not everything he tries is going to work.

During the Lakers' game against the Pistons, one fan noticed something odd during LeBron James' trip to the free-throw line. He turned to one of his teammates and said that he would try to make the free-throw with his eyes closed. He proceeded to brick the free-throw pretty badly.

Fans mercilessly trolled James for the miss, with many pointing out that it wasn't a smart decision, and backfired quite hilariously. Some even brought up Michael Jordan, who James is often compared to, making a free-throw the same way, saying that LeBron wasn't at his level.

i’m an Lebron diehard fan but come on you ain’t MJ bruh💀


Bron think he’s Jordan


Barely can make it with them open😂😂💀

🤣😂🤣😂🤣 #neverjordan

He thought he was Jordan 😭

Ur done ur done 😂

LeBron trying to imitate his father MJ I see

Probably didn’t even close em frl

Jordan > Lebron

He can’t even make them with his eyes open😭


I hope whoever he said it to told him "nah, you ain't Mike..." afterwards


Did they lose this game ? 🤦🏾‍♂️

He is no MJ… 😂😂😂😂

The real goat wouldn’t miss

It was an odd choice from James, especially given his struggles from the free-throw line. James has never been an amazing free-throw shooter. If anything, his free-throw numbers have actually gotten worse over the last few years. This season, James is shooting 75.5% from the free-throw line, his best percentage since his Heat days.

As the fans brought up, the obvious comparison to this situation is that of Michael Jordan. Jordan, on numerous occasions across his historic career, would make free-throws with his eyes closed, mostly in an effort to mock his opponents and get under their skin.

Regardless of the free-throw, the Lakers did win the game and saw the big three perform well together. James came out and echoed Kendrick Perkins' comments that the trio needs to be more consistent. If they can continue their level of performances going forward, they may be able to salvage their season.