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LeBron James Unbothered On Not Facing Clippers In WCF: "What Were We Settling?"

LeBron James Unbothered On Not Facing Clippers In WCF: "What Were We Settling?

One of the main stories in the league before the start of the season was the renewed rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers, two teams that landed very good players in the offseason and got the tag of favorite after moved 2019 offseason. The battle of Los Angeles was something everybody wanted to see, especially in this playoff, where both teams look strong and ready to go at it.

While the Lakers continued that domination stage after stage, landing in the Western Conference Finals after beating the Portland Trail Blazers and the Houston Rockets, respectively, the Clippers collapsed against the Denver Nuggets in the second round, blowing a 3-1 advantage. Everybody had something to say about it, including the Lakers superstar LeBron James. Talking about not playing the Clips in the WCF, Bron made it clear that he wasn't bothered about who the Lakers face.

"I don't have a comment about it, really," he said about the Clippers' collapse in Game 7.

"I was just sitting back and watching [Clippers-Nuggets Game 7] from a fan's perspective, seeing big shots be made, big plays being made, missed shots, things of that nature. I was also [watching] as a scout, scouting both teams at the same time."

When asked about missing the chance to settle which team rules LA, James had a clear response, playing down the comments saying that series would settle everything for both teams.

“Nah. What were we settling?” replied LeBron.

The Lakers are all about winning the championship and for them, it didn't matter which team they had to face to reach their goal. Just like Kyle Kuzma before, James wasn't focused on the Clippers, he only wants to play and beat whoever is in front of them and nothing else.

Anthony Davis had a similar response to all these comments, stating they are only focused on the Lakers and nothing else.

"We aren't focused on any other team but the Lakers. That's kind of been us, our whole thing the entire season. We focused on our own team.

"Our focus isn't on the Clippers or the 'Battle of LA.' It's more so what can we do to finish our season strong."

Many people believe the Clippers were the only team with chances to stop the Lakers and now that they're gone, LeBron's path to that fourth ring looks easier than ever.

Los Angeles will play the Nuggets tonight, hoping to start the series with the right foot.