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LeBron James Uses April Fools Joke To Announce His Season Is Over: "See Y’all In The Fall."

Dwyane Wade Says This Is A Bad Year For The Lakers But A Very Good One For LeBron James

After a tumultuous season with the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James is putting an end to his 2021/22 NBA campaign. The King and his team struggled this year, unable to post a good record and show quality on the floor. 

The Russell Westbrook experiment hasn't worked out and fans have grown frustrated with the team. Many people believe it's time for the Lakers to put an end to LeBron's season and the King has heard them. 

On Friday morning, LeBron took to Twitter to make the big announcement, sending a message to fans, telling them they'll catch up later. 

"I’m out for the season officially. 🤦🏾‍♂️. See y’all in the fall. 👑✌🏾," James tweeted. 

Many fans were shocked after reading that, while others were quick to realize today's April 1st, which means a lot of people will try to fool others, and James isn't the exception. 

Even Adrian Wojnarowski reacted to the 'news,' reminding people of the date, confirming nothing is happening to LeBron's season. 

Even though the Lakers have struggled this campaign, LeBron has had an incredible year individually speaking. He's setting new records and breaking old ones, showing his dominance at age 37 during his 19th season. He'll try to recover the last play-in spot in the next couple of games while pursuing the scoring title with the Lakers. 

His body started bothering him in the last two seasons, but LeBron isn't slowing down. The King is ready to lead his squad to wins in the next couple of days and finish the season on a strong note. Not everything is lost for the Lakers, and LeBron is ready to show people that they can still compete in a stacked Western Conference.