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LeBron James Wanted Adam Silver To Punish Daryl Morey For Controversial Tweet

(via USA Today)

(via USA Today)

The man who started it all has been dead silent since sending out that initial tweet. Morey's "#FreeHK" statement was enough to start an international crisis with China, and people are beginning to pick their side.

Much support has been thrown towards Morey's "brave" stance and towards the Hong Kong protestors in China. Many see the NBA as an opportunity to instill change -- and are using the platform to fight an oppressive Chinese government.

There has also been a lot of criticism from those who think Morey, and the NBA should've never talked about the issue in the first place. LeBron James, to the surprise of many, was in this aisle, and apparently even pushed NBA commissioner Adam Silver to punish Daryl Morey for starting the whole thing.

(via ESPN)

Silver opened the floor. James raised his hand.

His question was related to Morey -- and the commissioner's handling of the Rockets' GM. James, to paraphrase, told Silver that he knew that if a player caused the same type of uproar with something he said or tweeted, the player wouldn't be able to skate on it. There would be some type of repercussion. So, James wanted to know, what was Silver going to do about it in Morey's case?

At the time, Silver was reluctant to give into the demand.

Silver pushed back, reminding the players that the league never doled out discipline when they publicly criticized President Donald Trump. Morey was exercising the same liberty when he challenged China. Regardless of the financial fallout of one versus the other, that's not what should matter. Silver might have disliked the ramifications of Morey's tweet, but he would defend the right to say it.

James was one of Silver's staunchest challengers. As Silver encouraged the players to act, LeBron warned that it was the league's responsibility to speak on the issue. James was all about protecting the players.

"It's always a responsibility with me as far as players, a protection for the players," James said Monday. "That's always [on my mind]. I never speak for just me, things that just benefit me. I try to be educated as much as I can and speak from a pure heart of how can I protect not only me, but protect the players as well in that situation."

In the end, nobody really "won" in the China debacle -- not China, who has tens of millions of NBA fans, not the NBA, who is losing billions of dollars, and not the players, who are in a lose-lose situation if they speak out or take a stand, and certainly not LeBron James, who is getting shredded by the community for daring to "protect" himself.