LeBron James Wants To Bring Back Christmas Day Jerseys

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(via TBN Media)

(via TBN Media)

Christmas Day is one of the biggest times of the year for the NBA.

As storylines play out throughout the season, the league's best teams face off in a matchup on Christmas Day, drawing in worldwide audiences for one of the biggest celebrations of the year.

In the past, the teams slotted to play on Xmas always had a special jersey to go with it. It helped make the day unique and special, as only a select few franchises get to play that day -- on one of the biggest stages of the regular season.

Unfortunately, since Nike took over jersey production for the NBA, those special Christmas jerseys became a thing of the past.

And, in a tweet by the King himself (who is scheduled to play later today), he expressed his desire for the return of the special Christmas day unis.

The reason for their extinction is still unclear. It seemed to be a tradition loved by fans and players alike.

But, considering the overwhelming desire for their return, Nike may consider bringing them back. We can only hope.