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LeBron James: Warriors 'F--ked Up' After Game 6 Of The 2016 NBA Finals

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It's true, there was a turning point for the 2016 Finals. After going up 3-1, Draymond Green received a one-game suspension, the Warriors took their foot off the gas, and LeBron James elevated himself to another level.

And, of course, the result was three consecutive victories for Cleveland, which saw them earn their first Championship in franchise history.

How does LeBron describe the whole ordeal? After the Cavs' Game 6 win, he said they were "f--ked up," and in more ways than one.

"They fucked up,” James said. "Mentally and physically. I’m telling you, they fucked up."

He wasn't wrong, either. Because the Cavs went on to win Game 7, it's hard to argue something wasn't wrong with the Warriors. They were a 73 win team who had just lost three times in a row.

Unfortunately for James, whatever mind games were plaguing the Dubs didn't stick around for too long. Kevin Durant joined the squad, and have since won back-to-back NBA Championships.

Still, to hear a star describe the moment he thinks his opponent broke? That's something we don't get to see very often.