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LeBron James Was Mad At Malik Monk For Not Making The Extra Pass To Dwight Howard

LeBron James Was Mad At Malik Monk For Not Making The Extra Pass To Dwight Howard

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered yet another setback in their inconsistent season. The Lakers lost to the Memphis Grizzlies for the second time this season, and the Grizzlies didn't even have Ja Morant playing. It was another disappointing performance for the Lakers, one their fans are not happy about.

One play, in particular, turned out to be the turning point of the game. The Lakers were bringing the ball up the court. James dished the ball out to Avery Bradley, who quickly gave the ball to an open Malik Monk who shot a three and missed. The Grizzlies came back and scored in transition, cutting the deficit to just 2 points.

The Lakers immediately took a timeout, and LeBron James was visibly frustrated with Malik Monk, yelling at him for not making the extra pass to Dwight Howard who was in the paint. James felt that Howard's size would have allowed him to dominate in the paint and get an easy bucket. 

NBA fans pointed out that a lot of the fault of the missed play actually falls with Anthony Davis. Fans feel that Davis should have run down the court faster to block the Grizzlies layup. While others suggested that Monk was brought in as a three-point shooter, and yelling at him this situation makes little sense.

Lebron: Mad at Monk for taking a good open three... Also Lebron: Doesn’t get mad at Lakers’ lackluster transition defense

A big problem I’ve been seeing this season is Anthony Davis’ lack of hustle. The man looks like he’s putting very little effort into hustling up and down the court quickly when we need him to. Like look at this play right here. He could’ve easily pressured that fast break with a sprinting chase down but decided to to run at a slightly above normal jog pace instead.

Management: "Malik, we want to bring you here as a 3 point specialist..." LeBron: "Don't shoot 3's"

LeBron: "You only shoot when I pass you the ball. Messing with my assists is like messing with my emotions Malik."

If Giannis was in AD's position he would have sprinted and blocked that layup. Makes you realize the gap in playing intensity between the two.

Lebron isnt ever doing this with AD though for his lackluster effort.

Real question is: why didn’t Dwight get the rebound?

"Malik Monk... You’re Fired” - LeBron

One of those situations where what ever choice you make that doesn't result in a basket is the wrong choice to a guy who is micro managing and has to be in charge.

If anything, he should be getting on AD and Dwight for letting the 6'8" guy come down with that rebound

So he yells at Monk for taking an open 3 that he happened to miss. Meanwhile on the other end, there's Bradley and Monk in the paint trying to contest a drive while the Laker bigs are just loafing/jogging back to defend. I don't see Lebron yelling at Davis to get his ass back to defend the paint.

Monk missed wide open three - LBJ:Pass it to howard wtf are you doing?! - Monk passed it to howard - LBJ:Just shoot it! Wtf are you are doing?!

The better question is, why is that both of your bigs see a guy falling while getting the rebound and don’t crash him? No effort on that geezer of a team.

Lebron--"Make the extra pass !!" "Come on Monk !!". . "Do as I say not as I do..."

The fact that LeBron has been consistently giving up on the defensive end before half the opposing team crossing the half court boggles my mind. This has been the case since Phoenix Suns vs Lakers round 1 last year.

Monk thinking "I had to deal with Jordan and now lebron can I ever get a break"

LeBron lecturing Monk as if Melton wasn’t about to take away his pass to the Bradley lol

Lebron being such a prima donna. I don't see him blaming himself when taking wide open 3s near the half court line and missing.

I love how Lebron knows the camera is on him so he knows to put on a show.

LeBron isn't the first person to admonish Malik Monk. Michael Jordan also did the same to him while he was with the Hornets for getting a needless technical. But clearly, fans are not convinced about the reasoning of LeBron James. 

Malik Monk has been one of their better performers this season and has consistently played well, providing scoring and shooting to the Lakers when they need it most. Perhaps Monk could be the key for the Lakers improving down the line if his shooting catches fire.