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LeBron James Was Spotted At A Wedding In New York City This Weekend

LeBron James Was Spotted At A Wedding In New York City This Weekend

LeBron James is certainly having quite the off-season this time around as the superstar is putting the extra time that he has available to him to good use. He is following the NBA playoffs, doing Q&A sessions with fans, and also watched along as his team, Liverpool, in which he owns a stake, won the FA Cup.

While that is perhaps to be expected, what wasn't was him showing up for a wedding in New York City! Twitter was a bit surprised to see James at the event, but he has a connection to the groom here who is Jeffrey Schottenstein:

"LeBron pulled up to a wedding in NYC this weekend 🤞 @KingJames @RabbiPinto"


"Los Angeles Lakers star player LeBron James was spotted at the wedding of Jeffrey Schottenstein and Ariella Boker on Sunday afternoon in New York City, according to video and photos from the event."

"Schottenstein, the son of billionaire American Eagle chairman and CEO Jay Schottenstein, is the founder of clothing brand TACKMA, which James has been spotted wearing. The Columbus-based Schottenstein family has long been acquainted with James, an Akron native who brought the Cleveland Cavaliers their first NBA championship in 2016."

Considering the ties, it should be no surprise that LeBron showed up for the wedding. He has sported TACKMA merchandise for many years now and he is not the only one, with the likes of Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Lewis Hamilton, and Future having also donned their merch at certain points.

James also has ties to Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, who is seen in the video. A report from the Washington Post claims that LeBron met with him for "spiritual guidance for a 'big merchandising meeting' that took place on a private yacht." Perhaps this time around, the rabbi gave James some guidance on how to turn things around for the Lakers, who endured a miserable campaign that ended with them missing the playoffs.