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LeBron James Wasn't A Unanimous All-Star Game MVP Because Of This Player


Even though it was a long time between meals, LeBron James took home All-Star Game MVP honors for the third time in his career this past Sunday night in Los Angeles.

Dropping 29 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists en route to the award, LeBron showed why he now owns the record for the most consecutive NBA All-Star starts with 14.

James first won the award back in 2006, his second All-Star appearance, and again in 2008, making it 10 years between his second and third All-Star game MVP awards.

Even though it was clear-cut who should've been MVP on Sunday, it wasn't obvious to everyone, as LBJ fell one vote short of becoming a unanimous MVP award-winner.

LeBron polled 11 out of 12 votes for the award, with all nine media members voting for James, as well as taking home two-thirds of the fan vote. However, one-third of the fan vote went to Damian Lillard, meaning no unanimous MVP for Bron.

Lillard did indeed have himself a game -- scoring a team-high 21 points in only 21 minutes -- but the fact his team was on the losing end of things meant he was never going to win the award in the first place.

This isn't the first time this has happened to LeBron either, as back in 2013, LeBron's fourth MVP award, James polled every first-place vote except for one, that vote going to Carmelo Anthony, robbing James of the title of the first-ever unanimous MVP, a title that would later be taken by Steph Curry in 2016.