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LeBron James Will Leave Coca-Cola After 18 Years And Sign With Pepsi

LeBron James Will Leave Coca Cola After 18 Years And Sign With Pepsi

LeBron James keeps making moves both on and off the court and in recent hours, it was reported that the King is set to leave one company he was linked with for the last 18 years to join their biggest rivals. Front Office Sports reports that LeBron is finishing his partnership with giant F&B company Coca Cola to join Pepsi.

He will be joining a number of NBA stars that have already signed with Pepsi and are ready to start promoting articles from the company. Bron will be the face of a brand new product and this deal will have more ramifications for him than just changing what brand of soda he drinks.

LeBron James is preparing to join PepsiCo after a long-standing sponsorship with Coca-Cola, sources told Front Office Sports.

James would join a growing team of NBA and WNBA stars pitching the rebranded “MTN DEW”: Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans; Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers; Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets; and A’ja Wilson of the Las Vegas Aces.

According to sources, James will become the face of Mountain Dew’s upcoming “Rise Energy” line after nearly 18 years as an endorser for Coca-Cola’s Sprite and Powerade brands.

The 36-year old James could also pitch Pepsi’s flagship cola brand, said sources.

The pending deal may also include integration with Blaze Pizza, which currently offers Coca-Cola products at its more than 300 locations. James owns an approximate 10% stake of the chain.

Representatives for PepsiCo declined to comment. A spokesperson for James also declined to comment.

This is a huge deal for LeBron and Pepsi. After 18 years, exactly since he entered the league, he was attached to Coca Cola but just like he's done in his career, LeBron is not afraid of taking new challenges or starting something new if that will bring success to him.

Bron's contract with Coca-Cola ended in September and he made the decision to join Pepsi and several NBA stars.

“LeBron’s contract came up at a time when both he and The Coca-Cola Company were actively reviewing all of its resources to make sure it was investing in places that ensured long-term growth,” Coca-Cola said. “After many discussions with Lebron and his team, we mutually agreed to part ways.”

The King is currently trying to win his second straight title with the Los Angeles Lakers in a season full of challenges for them. In the meantime, he's making moves off the court and this deal will be huge for both parties involved.