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LeBron James Will "Pass The Torch" To Kawhi If He Joins Lakers

(via Sportsnet)

(via Sportsnet)

LeBron James and the Lakers are doing whatever they can to bring Kawhi Leonard to the franchise. Last summer, when James first joined, he quickly took control of the franchise and became the face of basketball for the city. A year later, at 34-years-old, LeBron is ready to concede that power if it means maximizing his chance to win a Championship.

(per Jay Williams of ESPN)

“If you’re LeBron James, you say ‘Look, I’m LeBron James. You’re Kawhi Leonard. You’re the best player in the game. I recognize that in three years from now, I’m going to retire. I’m going to pass the torch. You don’t need to be involved in movies or this L.A. life….but you will have the L.A. Laker moniker for the rest of your career if you want it.’

LeBron, realistically, only has a few years left as being a top player. Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard (if he comes) would outlast him in Los Angeles.

One of Leonard's reported hesitations about joining the Lakers was the idea of playing under the shadow of LeBron James. But if Bron is willing to take a back seat, it might give Kahwi more of an incentive to consider the Lakers this summer.

Nonetheless, we will see if it is enough within the next couple of days.