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LeBron James Will Play Point Guard, Anthony Davis Center In Lakers Crunch-Time Lineup



Ome of the biggest struggles for the Lakers last season was closing out games. There were too many times when the team was close or even leading late in the fourth quarter only to fall apart and walk away with a loss.

This offseason, the team preparing for better. They practiced late-game situations with LeBron James running the point and Anthony Davis handling the 5 on Thursday.

(via ESPN's Dave McMenamin)

"I mean, we have so many different lineup packages that we can probably go to throughout the course of the season.

"So we're just trying out a few things now in practice -- going with smaller lineups, going with bigger lineups, going with quicker lineups, going with slower lineups. But that's the luxury of having our personnel, we have the ability to do multiple things. So, that's what practice is all about, being able to work on those things."

Per McMenamin, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel pitted the starters and reserves in a late-game scenario in which the backups led 99-96 with two minutes left.

James, running the point, committed a few turnovers during that stretch, with a few bright spots in between. In the end, Davis got the ball numerous times in the high post for jumpers, and James hit a game-tying three-pointer with six seconds remaining. According to McMenamin, the reserves (which consisted of Danny Green, Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo, Devontae Cacok and Troy Daniels) ended up winning when Rondo knocked down a free throw with less than one second left.

With so many new parts, it is obvious the Lakers will need time to adjust to their new roster. The hope is that they figure things out sooner rather than later, or it could have long-term implications for the future.