LeBron James: "You Know You're Getting Older When You've Played Against The Dad And The Son."

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LeBron James is well known for his longevity on the court. He is widely considered as one of the most durable players of all time, and his play has remained high-caliber throughout his entire career. While LeBron James may have lost a little bit of athleticism, he is still a superstar in this league.

Recently, LeBron James has commented on the fact that he has spent a long time in the NBA. James joked about how he has played with both a father and a son in the NBA, such as Gary Trent and Gary Trent Jr.

You know you're getting older when you've played against the dad and the son. Like I'm now in the part of my career where I've played against the Junior and the Senior... Gary Trent Jr/Sr, Kenyon Martin Jr/Sr... If I get to a third, I swear to god.

It is clear that LeBron James has had one of the longest peaks that we've seen in the NBA. There is no doubt that his dominance over the league has lasted very long, and the fact that he was able to win a championship at his age during the 2019-20 season shows how great he is.