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LeBron James Joins In On The Great Pizza Debate

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Beleive it or not, LeBron James knows more than a thing or two about pizza.

As one of the founding investors of Blaze Pizza, the King serves as a brand spokesman and has been a steady face of the company for years. On Friday, the pizza expert chimed in on a long-standing debate: pineapples on pizza.

The worldwide controversy has been the subject of arguments for decades, and nobody can come to a conclusive answer. Do pineapples really belong on pizza?

Bron, personally, is a fan.

The reaction from fans was mixed, with some handing Bron a W, and others feeling as though he had stabbed them in the heart. Of course, some didn't care at all.

Whatever your stance on the pizza war is, it's likely a matter that will never be settled. Maybe James can start a campaign for the world to finally accept the yellow fruit on their circular delicacy?

With James and the Lakers dominating this season, he certainly has the time for it. As an early MVP frontrunner and his team squarely tucked away at the top of the Conference, chatting about pizzas seems way more appropriate now.