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LeBron James Posts Angry Twitter Message About Police Who Shoved Elderly Man To The Floor



As another day of protesting comes to an end, more and more videos are surfacing on the internet featuring both destructive rioters and violent officers.

While it's clear that both sides have been antagonistic, one of the more recent videos has captured the attention of LeBron James. It features a 75-year-old man, who appears to be trying to return an officers helmet, being pushed down by cops trying to chase protesters. The guy is seen passed out on the concrete ground, bleeding from the head. Police continue to rush by him without offering any aid whatsoever.

Needless to say, the clip is appalling and sparked additional outrage on top of what has already been a tension-filled time of protests.

James took to Twitter to express his disgust at the carelessness of the officers in the video.

While some of the protesters have taken things too far, their cause remains just. Police brutality and racial divides have become a huge problem for the country and public outcry is more than justified.

Something needs to change and, as sad as some of the videos are, they are essential in drawing attention to the cause.