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LeBron Posts Controversial Photo: Lakers All-Time 5 Against Any Franchise All-Time

(via LeBron James Instagram)

(via LeBron James Instagram)

LeBron James shocked the world last summer when he made his decision to become a Los Angeles Laker. He was set to join the most lucrative brand in the NBA, move the media capital of the world, and got join the ranks of some of the greatest players ever.

But the move did come with a few caveats -- one of which involves the long history of players that came before him. The Lakers have a very successful past and a long, rich history of stars who have helped make it that way.

LeBron will have to win big in L.A. before he can ever really be considered on the same level as those Laker legends.

So when he posted a photo on Instagram that showed him sitting alongside Kobe, Kareem, Magic, and Shaq, he received quite a bit of backlash.

There is no doubting his placement on league status, but with just one sub-par season under his belt in L.A., it's hard to say he should be considered an All-Time great Laker. Clearly, LeBron feels differently.

He will attempt to prove himself right this upcoming season when he and Anthony Davis try to lead the Lakers to Championship contention for the first time in almost a decade.