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LeBron James Posts Emotional Instagram Message After Someone Is Caught Throwing Trash At His Son

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

Envy, hate, and immaturity can manifest in many different ways. In a recent game at the Hoophall Classic in Springfield, it happened to be caught on camera.

During an inbounds pass play, one fan took it upon himself to throw trash at LeBron James Jr. as it was caught by a camera and then subsequently posted to Twitter. James responded not once, but twice, showing support towards his son and resistance to hate.

His Instagram message clearly had a hint of emotion as he reiterated his support for Bronny.

The fan was removed from the game immediately but Bronny seemed unphased.

As for LeBron, he has seen more hate than most of us will ever know. No matter where he is or what he does, James is always being hated or criticized by someone.

He is a man speaking from experience, and it seems his son is in good hands. Keep doing you, Bronny.