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LeBron Recieves Warm Welcome By Pair Of Fans In His Return To Cleveland


In his first ever return to Cleveland as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, nobody is really sure what to expect.

His first decision was a nationally televised event, in which he broke the hearts of every Cavs fan in probably the worst way possible.

Then, in his return, he followed through on his promise to win a Championship, earning the city that honor for the first time in 50+ years.

When he departed from the Cavs for the second time, that fulfilled promise gave it a different feel.

He accomplished what he went there to do, and most fans felt that he was free from his commitment to the club.

These pair of fans certainly feel that way, by the looks of it.

True, they might be more LeBron fans than Cavs fans, but the point still stands nonetheless: not all fans are salty towards LeBron’s decision.

In fact, most probably understand it, whether they want to admit it or not.

Check how LeBron James gets introduced in Cleveland as a Laker.