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LeBron Responds To L.A. County Sheriff: "I've Never In My 35 Years Ever Condoned Violence."

(via TMJ4 Milwaukee)

(via TMJ4 Milwaukee)

As a prominent voice for the black community, LeBron James is often at the center of debates and discussions regarding social justice, police brutality, and racial equality.

Last week, he was called out by an L.A. County sheriff, who challenged James to support the pursuit of justice for a shooter who injured several officers near Compton.

Today, one reporter asked James to respond to the narrative that his push against police brutality incites violence against officers, citing the implications made by the L.A. sheriff last week.

Here's what James said:

"I've never in my 35 years ever condoned violence. Never have. But I also know what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong. I grew up in the inner city, in a black community, in what we called "the hood," or "the ghetto" and I've seen a lot of black people being racially profiled because of our color. And I've seen it throughout my whole life. And I'm not saying that all cops are bad because throughout High School and things of that nature, I'm around them all the time, and they're not all bad.

But when you see the videos that's going on, not only my home town but also all over America, you continue to see tha acts of violence towards my kind, I can't do nothing but to speak about it and see the common denominator. But not one time have I ever said 'let's act violent towards cops."

So there you have it. No, LeBron James does not condone violence against Law Enforcement officials. And yes, he will continue to speak out against racial profiling and other injustices he sees playing out against the black community. That includes police brutality.

But as a guy on such a big stage, with such a huge platform, it's hard to blame him for feeling responsible for helping to give the people a voice, even if it steps on some toes along the way.