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LeBron Says That The Cavs Wanted To Take Andre Iguodala In The 2004 NBA Draft


There's no denying that LeBron James and Andre Iguodala have had some historic moments occur between each other over the past four years.

After joining Golden State in 2013, Iguodala went on to win Finals MVP during the Warriors' championship run in 2015 due to the X-Factor he provided defending LeBron James in the Finals series. Only a year later, both players were involved in one of the greatest plays in NBA Finals history, as LeBron chased down a streaking Iggy to swat his shot against the backboard in Game 7 of the 2016 Finals with the scores tied and less than 2 minutes remaining.

But according to James himself, things could've turned out a lot different if Iguodala fell one more spot in the 2004 NBA Draft, as the pair could've been teammates during LeBron's first stint in Cleveland.

During the press conferences leading up to Game 1 of this year's NBA Finals, LeBron was asked how Andre could impact the series for the Warriors, and told the media a story he's never told anyone before.

“Actually, a funny story, ” James began. “We were actually one pick in his draft we were one pick away from drafting him and Philly took him. And I think we took Luke Jackson from Oregon. I loved him at Arizona and I was hoping he woulda slide to us with our pick. Obviously you guys like those stories so I gave it to you.”

Unfortunately for LeBron and the Cavs, the 76ers drafted Iggy with the 9th pick, and Cleveland had to settle for Jackson with the 10th pick. Jackson's NBA career never really took off from the get-go, as he struggled with back issues his entire rookie season, whereas Iguodala was named an All-Star in 2011-12 for the 76ers, and played there for eight seasons before signing with the Warriors.

It's a shame we never got to see the pair on the same team, as a young LeBron and young Iggy would've dominated on the offensive side of the ball with their combination of athleticism and playmaking. Could you imagine some of the lobs thrown between these two?