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LeBron vs Kobe: Michael Jordan Picks His Side In The Huge Controversial Debate


Back in 2013, Michael Jordan shed some insight on a very controversial NBA topic. When asked about LeBron and Kobe, MJ told NBA TV that Kobe Bryant was better than LeBron James because of Bryant's 5 Championships. Four years may not seem like a long time, but King James has accomplished a lot since then.


Record breaking performances and two more rings since those first comments by Michael, many folks have since changed their ranking as LeBron continues to add to his resume.

For Michael Jordan, however, his opinion hasn't changed.

Speaking at his flight school in Santa Barbra on Monday, Jordan stood firm on his comments four years ago, saying:

"Would I rank LeBron over Kobe? In terms of best of all time? No. There's something about five that beats three...Kobe won five Championships, LeBron won three, although he's been to seven Finals."

This age old debate has never been an easy one to solve. Both players have had amazing careers, and are considered amongst the best of all time. Obviously, for the former NBA superstar, rings play one of the most important roles in ranking all time greats. Despite all that LeBron has done so far in his luxurious basketball career, if he only ends up with three Championships, it could come back to haunt him.

At least for MJ, it'll probably take two more rings for James to catch up to Bryant. Whether or not that'll actually happen is truly up in the air. But, for the 32-year-old LeBron James, the clock is ticking.