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LeBron, When Asked About The Possibility Of Joining The Knicks To Play With Bronny: "My Son In The Ninth Grade, Man."

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

LeBron James Jr. is probably the youngest basketball superstar in the world. As the child prodigy of one of the greatest players ever, the world is keeping a watchful eye on him and his development as a young man ballplayer.

There is little doubt that his track leads right to the NBA but the question is: will Bron still be around?

We know it's his goal to play either with or against his son in an NBA game and, with the way he's taking care of his body, it's certainly possible. Right now, however, James is too busy worrying about Bronny's next school project than he is about his debut on a basketball court.

When asked about the possibility of him playing on the Knicks with his son, LeBron kept things short and sweet.

"My son in the ninth grade, man. I'm trying to worry about what project you gotta turn in tomorrow."

It is true that the NBA scene is still a long way off for Bron Jr. He's got at least another four more years of school before then.

But for hopeful Knicks fans, they can't help but dream up the possibility...