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'LeBron Winning 3 Titles With 3 Different Teams Isn't As Impressive As Winning 6 Titles With One Team', Says Jackie MacMullan

(via The Spun)

(via The Spun)

There's been a lot of back-and-forth regarding LeBron James' chances of passing Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time.

For some, the King has nothing else to prove and he's already done enough to be right at the top of the summit. For others, there's just nothing he could ever do to come close to Jordan's greatness, while others tend to be a little more objective.

ESPN's Jackie MacMullan, however, seems unimpressed by the fact that James could win an NBA Championship with a third different team this season, as she considers that it would be far more impressive to do it all with one team:

"Here's something else I wanna point out. I do wanna point something out there. You guys keep arguing with the idea that he can win Championships with three different teams. I would argue it's a lot harder to stay with one team your entire career and win six of them. So, LeBron won in Miami and you know, the Spurs beat him in 2014, and then he moved on and went back to Cleveland. So that, to me, winning six with one team, that's different," MacMullan said in ESPN's Get Up.

MacMullan clearly refers to Michael Jordan's tenure with the Bulls. Perhaps she's forgetting that he actually played for a different team after his second retirement, although, to be honest, most of us wiped out his stint with the Washington Wizards from our memories.

She has a valid point, though. Considering how the league is shaped nowadays, perhaps is harder to stay with a franchise throughout your entire career and lead them to success multiple times rather than jump around the league delivering Championships everywhere you go. You be the judge.