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LeBron's Camp Apparently "Urging" Lakers To Sign Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthiny

The future of Carmelo Anthony has been in doubt since his exile from the Rockets at the beginning of the season. The Lakers have been linked to his name, with many reports indicating there's interest on both sides. They have been reluctant to make a move so far.

Could that change?

In a report by Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Heavy, LeBron James' camp is putting significant pressure on the team to sign the 34-year-old star.

“LeBron’s camp is insisting on the front office signing Melo,” a league source with knowledge of the Lakers told Robinson. “But the team wants to go in a different direction.”

The Lakers' front-office and LeBron are clearly clashing over what to do with that last open roster spot.

With the tock ticking until the March 1st playoff-eligibility waiver deadline, they are running out of time to decide.

They were hoping DeAndre Jordan would be bought out -- it's unlikely to happen. Zach Randolph, Marcin Gortat, and Greg Monroe are other names on the list and would help fill the need for front-court depth.

But would any of them really be a bigger get than Melo?

It remains to be seen, but the Lakers need to get this right if they want to maximize their chances of making the playoffs.