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“LeBron’s Competitiveness Can Be Oppressive, Overwhelming, And Anti-Social," Claims Source Close To Him

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

You don't get to become a legend unless you're willing to go the extra mile. That's what made Michael Jordan so great, that's what made Kobe Bryant so great, and that's what's made LeBron James so great.

LeBron has always had a reputation for being an emphatic, solidary teammate. And, while some of his doubters may say he tends to be passive-aggressive, most of the people will agree that he's an overall easy-going guy.

However, a source close to him and the league recently told True Hoops that, in reality, LeBron's competitiveness can wear a team out, even if no one ever talks about it:

“LeBron’s competitiveness can be oppressive, overwhelming, and anti-social. A source who knows him well calls it the ‘most under-told story in sports.’ He struggles to be around the normally motivated, gets impatient with those who don’t work as hard as he does, and has little tolerance for mistakes," True Hoops' Henry Abbott reported.

He went on to add that the physical burden of keeping up with the King can often be felt wherever he goes, although Anthony Davis has made it easier for him this season:

“Most years, his teams pay a psychic tax. This year the calculus is a bit different, and not just because he’s in phenomenal physical condition. He is also happily paired with the well-liked Anthony Davis, who has the effect of softening LeBron," the report continued.

Then again, judging by what we've known for LeBron thus far, pretty much every guy that's ever played with him can tell you otherwise. Truth or not, you can't take anything away from a guy that has led his team to the NBA Finals 9 times (8 consecutive).

Great leaders aren't often softspoken, especially in sports. But, like Jordan once said, none of them can say they ask their teammates to do something that they don't do.