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Legendary Unsigned Big Man Considering Joining LeBron Despite A Huge Risk


When LeBron James left the Cavaliers back in 2010, it was all about winning. Besides being under the wings of Pat Riley and a brilliant organization, the Miami Heat presented James an opportunity he'd never had before: to pair his game alongside other stars.

And from the moment the infamous Miami Heat "Big 3" got together, the remarkable reality of what they had just created was realized by everyone.

And now, eight years later, they have a chance to re-create that magic in Los Angeles.

According to Alex Kennedy, former NBA All-Star Chris Bosh is interested in joining the Los Angeles Lakers. But, as Kennedy explains, there's a catch...

For those that don't know, Chris Bosh suffered from blood clots the season after LBJ left for Cleveland. Since then, CB has played very little in the NBA as he takes blood-thinning medicine to deal with the issue.

Per league rules, you can't play if you're on blood-thinners. Meaning that Bosh would have to literally risk his life to step on the court as a Laker this year.

Is a chance to play with The King in Los Angeles really worth all that?