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Lil Wayne On LeBron James: 'He Is Better Than Michael Jordan, He Is The GOAT'



Once again, the great LeBron vs Michael debate has captured the NBA headlines. This time, however, it's stemming from an unlikely source.

During a sitdown with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed, rapping legend Lil-Wayne spoke his thoughts on the status of LeBron James after his most recent tenure with the Lakers.

"The King got a lot on his mind and he's got a lot to get off his chest, and he's gonna get it off his chest on the court," Wayne said when asked if Bron had it in him to bounceback. "I don't have to be in touch with him, I feel that. I feel it."

But there's more. Even in spite of his disappointing 2018-19 campaign, Wayne was quick to answer after being asked if he thought LeBron was the greatest.

"At this time? Yes. He's the GOAT. It ain't about all that. LeBron James is the GOAT. It's not about all time. It's about right now. He's the GOAT." 

As a 15x All-Star, 3x NBA Champion, 4x MVP, and 15x All-NBA player, Bron certainly has a case to be called the best. In fact, even he himself has done so in the past.

Jordan's resume cannot be understated either. His Defensive Player of the Year selection, his 1o scoring titles, and 5 NBA Finals MVPs (to name a few) certainly dwarf some of James' own accolades.

Nevertheless, this is one topic that will likely never be solved. The world will continue to bicker about this issue until it stops spinning. As for Lil-Wayne, he knows exactly where he stands.