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Lil Wayne Was Left Speechless And Laughed After Skip Bayless Suggested That Patrick Beverley Is Better Than Russell Westbrook

Lil Wayne Was Left Speechless And Laughed After Skip Bayless Suggested That Patrick Beverley Is Better Than Russell Westbrook

There is possibly not even a single NBA analyst that makes comments as incendiary and controversial as Skip Bayless. He has a history of saying the most outlandish things when he has an agenda against a player, showcased most often by the absurd hate he directs towards LeBron James. And even when Bayless does have a bit of a point, his tendency to exaggerate his takes sees him get quite a lot of hate from fans and players alike. 

Throughout last season, Bayless beefed with Russell Westbrook, who he has continuously criticized. Skip was also extremely prone to using the mocking moniker, 'Westbrick', something that both Russ and his wife, Nina, called him out for doing. However, the one thing about Bayless is that he never backs down from his takes, and he has continued to take shots at Westbrook even during this offseason. 

In a curious case of two personalities people wouldn't expect to be friends, Bayless is quite close to rapper Lil Wayne. Wayne has appeared on the show Undisputed multiple times and is known to give NBA gossip he hears about to Skip as well. But recently, even he was left speechless by a take the controversial analyst gave on his show. 

Skip Bayless Shocked Lil Wayne By Saying That Patrick Beverley Is Currently A Better Player Than Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers recently acquired Patrick Beverley, someone that people widely expect to be at loggerheads with Russ during the season. And NBA 2K even went as far as rating Pat Bev higher than the former MVP. So Bayless certainly isn't alone in thinking that Beverley might be the better player, but it left Lil Wayne reeling, regardless. 

(starts at 4:13 minutes):

Skip Bayless: "He (Patrick Beverley) is a better player right now than Russell Westbrook. He just is."

Lil Wayne: "What happened?"

Skip Bayless: "He's a 38% three-point shooter. Russell Westbrook is the single worst three-point shooter in all of basketball. You're living in the past if you think he's better than Patrick right now."

This tirade from Bayless is nothing new for him. He has often gone on rants about Westbrook and his abilities. Lil Wayne's reaction is hilarious, though. Looking shellshocked and simply laughing, even Bayless' friends think he's going too far with this. Westbrook may have declined last season, and it may even get worse in 2022-23, but declaring him to be worse than Patrick Beverley just yet might certainly be a bit of overreacting.