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Lonnie Walker’s Pineapple Hair Is Gone

Lonnie Walker’s pineapple hair is gone

The San Antonio Spurs are part of the 22 teams that will travel to Orlando to resume the 2019/20 NBA season. They have fresh hopes of keeping their playoff streak this season and their players are getting ready to compete at Walt Disney World in Orlando next month.

Just like the team has fresh hopes to make it to the big party, one of their most promising players has something new to offer to fans. Shooting guard Lonnie Walker IV gained a lot of fame thanks to his hairdo, a pineapple-style hair that made him a very known player around the league despite not having as many minutes as some believe he should.

He took to Instagram and asked his followers for suggestions for a new look. Well, he did listen to them and during an Instagram live featuring him and his barber, he dramatically changed his hair. The process wasn't that pleasant for him, and he showed that during the stream, sparking any kind of reaction from fans.

It's a fresh start of the season, it's a fresh new haircut for Lonnie. He's hoping to help his Spurs to stole a playoff spot in the Western Conference. Fans can't wait to see him and the team on the court in Orlando, although they'll see a different version of Walker.