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Lonzo Ball: 'LaMelo Has A Chance To Be A Better Player Than Me'

(via The Athletic)

(via The Athletic)

When Lonzo Ball was drafted 2nd overall in the 2017 Draft, he brought with him a whirlwind of theatrics mostly predicated by his family. The Ball boys seem to have this desire for the camera, and LaVar (the Father) surpasses them all in his need for attention.

But Lonzo's entrance was just the first. Another Ball brother is making his way into the NBA. Will he have a similar success story?

According to Lonzo's own mouth, there is a chance he could be even better.

He sang a similar tune about his brother on the Lighthearted Podcast earlier this month:

“If you look at just talent-wise, he’s got the most talent by far. I mean, it’s not even close and plus the height he’s getting now. He just all of a sudden got to 6’6”, I don’t know how. I feel like he was 5’10” when I played with him, so, I mean, the ceiling’s up for him — sky’s the limit. I’m just making sure he keeps his head on straight because, you know, in today’s world at 17 with however many followers he has, it can be a lot. I’m just making sure he stays focused and sticks to the grind.”

LaMelo has been torching the NBL. At just 18 years of age, Ball is playing against much older and more physically developed players in the top professional league in Australia and New Zealand but has been holding his own so far.

So far, there has been buzz that LaMelo could be a top pick in the 2020 Draft. If he keeps playing at this pace, that could become a fact this summer. But he will have to prove himself where it counts once he finally does make his way into the NBA.