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Lonzo Ball May Have Changed His Shooting Form This Offseason


Before Lonzo Ball had even entered the NBA back in 2016-17, his shooting form was already a big concern for UCLA.

Ball's unorthodox shooting motion seemed to work for him in college, but scouts already knew that the form would be a major issue for Ball once he hit the big leagues, and they were completely right.

Lonzo shot a woeful 36% from the field his rookie year, and an even worse 30.5% from deep, as more and more people were demanding Ball to change his shooting form to pick up his percentages.

It was too late for Lonzo to change his shot mid-season, as things usually get worse before they get better, but Lonzo has listened to the advice handed to him, and has changed up his shot this offseason.

A recent workout video of the Los Angeles point guard shows Ball has made some strides in fixing up his jumper.

By and large, it definitely needs a lot more work, but you can quite clearly tell that Ball is trying to stop bringing the ball all the way across his body, instead rising straight up with it.

Given Ball's shocking shooting last season, any change would be a welcome one for Laker fans.