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Lonzo Ball Released More Songs On Spotify Last Season Than Free Throws Made

(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

For the Pelicans, there was no way around the Anthony Davis trade. After years of failure and underperforming, he was adamant about going somewhere that would give him a better chance to win.

And while watching your star walkout is never easy, the Pels got a pretty good consolation prize in return: a package including Brandon Ingram Josh Hart, future picks, and 2017 lottery pick Lonzo Ball.

For Lonzo in particular, it will be a particularly difficult adjustment not only changing scenery but growing and nurturing his game to fit around his new teammates. In regards to the latter, we have an idea as to where he should start.

Last season, Ball shot an abysmal 41% at the line and made only 20 total free throws in 47 games. In case you were wondering, that's less than the number of songs Lonzo released on Spotify in that same time span.

(via Reddit user u/theToBeHonestGuy)

I saw a joke on twitter that Lonzo has more songs than made free throws and checked the stats and it is true.. he went 20/48 from the line last season and he has 21 songs on spotify. I‘ll say that it’s pretty impressive that he has 21 songs and that he’s a pretty good rapper too.

21 total songs and 20 free throws made... yikes. As an NBA guard who came out of college as a "shooter," those are pretty embarrassing stats.

Let us hope he improves not only at the charity stripe, but at the three-point arc as well, where the 21-year-old shot 32%. Suffice to say, he's got a few things to work on this offseason.