Lonzo Ball Reveals The Lowest Moment Of His Basketball Career

Lonzo Ball Reveals The Lowest Moment Of His Basketball Career

Lonzo Ball has taken big strides over the course of his basketball career. But it hasn't all been bliss for the young guard.

In a recent appearance on Uninterrupted’s "Who’s Interviewing Who?," Zo detailed his lowest point (career-wise), describing one moment after his freshman year in high school.

“My pops never let me play AAU or travel ball or nothing like that so I was just local kid nobody really knew about. But I got an invitation to the USA camp to make the team and I ended up getting cut and that kind of shaped my whole high school career from that because I was like ‘There’s no way I’m not one of the best 15 players in my class.’ I went from not even being ranked to I think I made it to No. 2 by the time I was a senior. It just gave me motivation just to chase all the guys in front of me that people thought were better than me.”

Many pro-players have similar stories, and it is usually the case that they use that moment to help fuel and motivate their game.

For Lonzo, none of the doubts stopped after being cut that summer. Through college, and well into his NBA career, he was the subject of criticism about all sorts of things.

And now, he is slowly proving them all wrong.