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Lonzo Ball Says His Signature Big Baller Brand ZO2 Sneakers Were 'Not Ready' in 2017



Big Baller Brand was put on the backburner when it was discovered long-time friend Alan Foster was using the company to steal millions from the Ball family. When Lonzo was traded to New Orleans, the brand fell further into irrelevancy as they faded from the L.A. spotlight.

But as Zo revealed in an appearance on the LightHarted Podcast with Josh Hart, Big Baller Brand may have always been in over their heads.

Apparently, according to the UCLA product, the shoes were "not ready" and needed to be switched after every quarter to avoid bodily injury or destruction of the shoe.

At the time, Lonzo was the face and ambassador of BBB -- trying to promote his own family's company instead of signing with a different brand. Unfortunately for LaVar, the Foster scandal drove a rift between Big Baller and Lonzo, and he severed all ties with the company.

As LaVar and his business associates attempt to keep their franchise afloat, they will have everything else working against them -- including their former face, who admitted publicly his "signature" shoes suffered major flaws.