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Lonzo Ball's Girlfriend Is Asking For $30K A Month In Child Support From Him


Don't lie, who actually saw this coming? Almost all of you right?

Only mere months after the birth of their first child Zoey, Lonzo Ball and his longtime girlfriend Denise may be about to split, and things could get very ugly for Ball's bank account.

In a recent Instagram livestream, Denise insinuated that Lonzo was a deadbeat bad, before also making another comment about not seeing Lonzo in another IG live clip.

During the first livestream, a viewer commented “blink if Lonzo is a deadbeat dad.” Denise saw and read the comment to the rest of the stream, laughed, and then made extremely sure she was blinking hard. This could've all been in good fun, but why joke about something like that?

On a later livestream, Ball's girlfriend alluded to the fact that Lonzo doesn't see her as much as she'd like, which could be a sign the couple are on the way out.

I mean, just take a look at these comments.

According to Black Sports Online, Denise is threatening legal action, and is asking for $30,000 per month in child support payments. If her demands aren't met, she says she'll pen a tell-all book on the entire Ball family.

“We now know why according to reports the couple is on very shaky legs and potentially have broken up. Garcia has been on IG bashing ZO calling him a deadbeat dad.

She is also threatening a tell-all book about the Ball family unless her child support demands are met. She wants upwards of $30k a month for herself and the child. They will reportedly be going to court soon, so stay tuned.”