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Lonzo Ball’s Reaction To Being Traded By The Lakers: ‘I Was Kind Of Excited’

Lonzo Ball’s Reaction To Being Traded By The Lakers: ‘I Was Kind Of Excited’

When Lonzo Ball was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers two years ago, everything pointed out that the point guard would be a great player for the Purple and Gold, with then team president Magic Johnson saying that Lonzo could be a franchise player who could have a terrific career with the team.

Two years after that, Lonzo is joining the New Orleans Pelicans after being sent in the package that allowed Anthony Davis to join the Lakers. His two-year spell with the Californians didn’t go as expected, mostly due to injuries that made him miss numerous games with the franchise.

Although Ball hoped to remain with the Lakers for several years, he has stated he felt good when he first found out he was traded to the Pelicans. He spoke with ESPN about the trade and explained how he was ready for a new challenge in New Orleans.

“I was kind of excited, honestly. I kind of figured someone was going to get moved soon enough. I knew Anthony Davis wanted to come bad. Anytime you can get a guy like that, you are going to have to do what you have to do to get him. So I was kind of already just waiting for it, honestly, and I was happy to go with two guys I am comfortable with in B.I. [Brandon Ingram] and JHart [Josh Hart]. I am excited to see what we can do.

“I tell people when I was a rookie, I probably would have been sad. Just being from L.A., having my whole family here and wanting to be a Laker. But being in the league for two years, knowing it’s a business, as long you get to play, that’s a blessing in itself. I’m excited to get started.”

In addition, Lonzo showed his excitement for teaming up with the 2019 NBA Draft No. 1 overall pick Zion Williamson, saying Zion 'is definitely a freak’. Ball is joining a team full of talent and youth; the Pelicans look like a dangerous squad ahead of next season.

Even though he’s not allowed to for full-contact activities, once he’s fully back, the guard will bring all the best of his game to the Pelicans.