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Los Angeles Clippers 'Kicked The Tires' On Malcolm Brogdon Trade

Malcolm Brogdon

After missing out on the playoffs this past season, the Los Angeles Clippers are working hard to capture a title next year. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will be healthy for the first time in a while and the addition of Norman Powell should help make them stronger as a team.

Apparently, the Clippers also tried trading for Pacers guard Malcolm Brogdon. According to Zach Lowe, they inquired about maybe getting his services recently.

(via The Lowe Post)

“I actually… I had heard yesterday that the Clippers, they kicked around Malcolm Brogdon and that made a lot of sense to me. And then I subsequently heard that they’re — of course, every team kicks around lots of stuff. I don’t think Malcolm Brogdon’s going to the Clippers. Brogdon fits anywhere, but he’s also injured all the time.”

The Clippers haven't had much success over the years. Despite all their growth as an organization, they have come up short in the playoffs.

But things are changing for the Clippers, and they are not the same team they used to be and as Lou Williams recently said, they changed their culture in the last few years.

"Clippers, that's easy. That's easy for me," Lou Williams said when comparing the two LA teams. "I was part of a culture change over there. They gave us an opportunity to kinda build that organization out to our personalities and how we wanted to feel and look. And I think we had a big part in how it looks now. I'm a part of that."

"The Lakers is the Lakers. The Clippers, until they win about 20 championships, they're going to be looked at as the little brother... LA got different cultures, so it's plenty of room for both teams. It's people that love - The Clippers is the hood. That's what we embraced about it. [Lakers] is Hollywood, we down the street. And we was cool with that."

With Brogdon on the team, the Clippers could become a powerful force in the West. He's exactly the type of two-way ball handler the Clippers could use.

Unfortunately, there is no telling how things will play out on the Brogdon front. Either way, don't expect a quiet summer for the Clips.