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Los Angeles Lakers Are The 2nd Favorite For The NBA Championship, Per ESPN

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The NBA return is almost here and the league is getting ready for a comeback, releasing the schedule of the seeding games that will take place between late July and mid-August. Now that the picture is clear for a lot of teams, everybody has started to speculate who has the biggest chance to win the championship.

Sure, there were teams with better chances before the shutdown, but now things are starting over with everybody at the same pace.

One of the biggest questions now is which team is going to win the championship next October. ESPN tried to answer that question and they put the biggest favorites in the top 3. However, they changed the order of what many people believe and gave a big advantage to one team over the others.

Per ESPN, the Milwaukee Bucks have the biggest chance to become NBA champions this season, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers, respectively. The biggest issue here is the difference between the Bucks and the two Angelenos teams.

ESPN has the Lakers with the second-best chance to win the championship at 19.9%. the Bucks are at 42.5%. Clippers third at 12.2%.

Before the league entered hiatus, Giannis Antetokounmpo was leading the Bucks to have the best record in the league. However, a lot of people believe the Lakers were the best team in the association at that moment. Led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Purple and Gold were having a great moment, defeating Giannis and his Bucks before doing the same with the Clippers.

Of course, ESPN's prediction won't necessarily happen in Orlando in the next months, but they are giving big hopes to the Bucks with those numbers.