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Los Angeles Lakers Can Land 3 NBA Superstars To Create A Superteam

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Los Angeles Lakers are desperate to take the team back to Championship contention but with the Golden State Warriors adding DeMarcus Cousins to an already stacked roster and Paul George staying put with the Thunder, things are looking kind of uphill right now in LA.

There aren’t many top-notch free agents available that could try and help LeBron James dethrone Golden State and win his 4th NBA Championship while also leading the Lakers on their way to tie the Celtics’ 17 Championships.

Even so, the team could still get 3 superstars (or at least former superstars) on a very easy way during this very same summer, and today we’ll let you know exactly who they are and how they could land in the Staples.

3. Chris Bosh


Chris Bosh’s career didn’t end the way he would’ve liked it, as he was pretty much forced to stop balling after being diagnosed with blood clots in his longs just a bit after he had signed a huge deal with the Miami Heat to become the new face of the franchise.

Ever since he’s been determined to make a comeback to the league, and if doctors finally think he’s able to play without putting his health in jeopardy, he’d be thrilled to play side by side with LeBron James once again and join the Lakers.

2. Carmelo Anthony


According to several reports, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Carmelo Anthony are set to part ways any time now, with Sam Presti desperate to get his lousy contract out of his books even if that means paying him a lot of money through a buyout.

Carmelo has always been one of LeBron’s closest friends in the league, and even though he’s nowhere near the player he used to be and he’s not likely to embrace a lesser role off the bench, he’s not going to have any kind of chance to win a Championship unless he joins the King, and the Lakers could get him for the veteran minimum.

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1. Dwyane Wade


And obviously, who wouldn’t love to play next to LeBron again more than Dwyane Wade? The Flash’ Cleveland Cavaliers stint didn’t went as well as everybody expected, but he showed that he could still be an extremely productive player as soon as he went back home to play for the Miami Heat.

Wade is set to become a free agent so he could also join the Lakers on a 1-year veteran minimum deal, although luring him out of South Beach may be kind of tricky considering how much he missed his home.