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Los Angeles Lakers Coach Darvin Ham Praises LeBron James: "None Like Him Before Him, None After Him. He’s Showing These Kids How To Really Get It Done, In Such A Classy Way And Such A Real Way."

LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers are going through a puzzling restructuring this offseason. After the disastrous 2021-22 season left coach Frank Vogel to be fired from his role, the Lakers signed up Milwaukee Bucks assistant Darvin Ham to lead the group. A young and hungry coach that the players respect is a risky move but one that can pay off.

The last time LeBron James was paired up with a coach like this, he won the NBA Championship and went to multiple Finals. That coach was Tyronn Lue, the head coach of the rival Clippers. Darvin Ham will need to establish a strong relationship with LeBron, someone he saw on the court during his playing days.

Coach Ham spoke about how he looks at LeBron with Marc Spears of Andscape and revealed his immense respect for him, considering what he has made of himself after coming from the circumstances he did in Akron, Ohio. 

"One of one. None like him before him, none after him. Rare. Rare commodity. Exclusive. Never seen anything like him. I’m so happy and thankful he’s doing what he’s doing. He’s showing these kids how to really get it done, man, in such a classy way and such a real way. The kids from Akron, Ohio. I’m a Midwest kid, Saginaw, Michigan. I resonate with that. It might be different states, but a lot of that s— is all the same. So, him being an Akron kid and me being from Saginaw, I totally resonate with him, and to see his ascension, how he’s handled all of that pressure and expectations and has delivered on and off the floor, he’s a one of one." (h/t Marc Spears - Andscape)

The task at hand is a very tall one for Coach Ham. He will be expected to find instant chemistry between all the various parts of the Lakers roster. This includes accommodating Russell Westbrook and dealing with the unavailability of Anthony Davis. With LBJ on the team, the expectation is always championship or bust.

Ham has the hard-nosed mentality to grind this team into a championship-winning outfit like the 2020 Lakers were. If LeBron can mutually respect Ham and let him shape the team the way he wants to, the Lakers could be in for a resurgent season.