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Los Angeles Lakers Could Reunite 'Big 3' Once Again

Los Angeles Lakers Could Reunite 'Big 3' Once Again

According to Shams Charania LeBron’s former South Beach teammates, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have been in contact with LeBron about a reunion in the Staples Center.

Dwyane Wade is currently pondering the notion of playing another season of professional basketball and Chris Bosh is hoping to make a comeback from his tragic health issues. Wade is far past his prime and would only be an effective role player who could fill a 6th man role but we don’t know how much Bosh’s game has suffered in his prolonged absence.

When he was healthy Bosh was one of the most skilled bigs in the NBA with the ability to hit the long-range jumper and to go down on the block. He was massively overlooked when the Big 3 were winning titles a few years ago and without Bosh they wouldn’t have been able to win.

If they can sign Bosh to a short deal to find out what he can still do then it would definitely be worth it. Small risk, high reward for a player who brings championship experience and leadership. I really hope Bosh is back to a similar level than when he left, it would be a great comeback story and who doesn’t love those?

If this were to come true than at the very least we would be reminded of all the good times these 3 had in Miami when they made it to 4 straight NBA Finals and won back to back NBA Championships.