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Los Angeles Lakers Sign 20-Year Extension To Stay At The Staples Center

Staples Center

Every great team should have a home and the Los Angeles Lakers are - for sure - one of the greatest teams there are.

Just like it happens with the Boston Celtics and the TD Garden, the Chicago Bulls and the United Center, or the New York Knicks and the Madison Square Garden; you just can't think of the Los Angeles Lakers without thinking of the Staples Center as well.

That building has seen Lakers' story come to life since 1999, witnessing Kobe Bryant's entire career and some of the most iconic moments in purple-and-gold history.

That's why Lakers fans will be delighted to know that the team has agreed to sign a lease extension that will assure that the Staples Center will continue to be their home until, at least 2041.

“We are excited to extend our partnership with AEG. Staples Center ranks as one of the best arenas in the world to play and watch basketball and we are thrilled to be able to call it home for another two decades,” said Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, as quoted by LeBron Wire.

“There is no doubt that our partnership with the Buss family and the Lakers solidified the arena’s legendary status from the beginning and brought some of the most memorable moments in sports and entertainment history to fans,” said Dan Beckerman, CEO and president of AEG.

We look forward to another 20 years of our successful partnership with the Lakers and believe that the investments we are making will ensure that STAPLES Center remains the epicenter for sports and entertainment, delivering the most exciting events in the world," he added.

With this agreement, the Staples Center will be the Lakers' home for at least 4 decades. Now, it'll be up to the team to build even more memories in this iconic venue.