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Lou Williams Flames Kendrick Perkins On Twitter: "Stop Laughing And Saying It’s Just TV When You Run Into Me Too."

(via Complex)

(via Complex)

When Lou Williams was exposed for breaking quarantine to order some hot wings at the strip club, countless individuals stormed the internet to roast him. Of course, we know now that Williams was just there to pick up food, but it doesn't change the fact that he broke quarantine guidelines for a bite to eat.

Kendrick Perkins went so far as to imply the situation was "immature" on the part of Williams and called for him to "do better" on ESPN's Get Up morning show.

Lou didn't let the words go unanswered and eventually fired back at the former league big man.

Fair to say Williams has had enough of Perk's TV criticisms. But ss savage as the response was, many still don't take kindly to Williams' strip club visit.

The NBA certainly has safeguards in place and they aren't letting Lou just return without some preventative measures. For the next few days, he will be in a separate quarantine and away from his team as they monitor his condition and test his blood for COVID-19.

Lou should be back on the court in no time and it seems nobody on his team is holding this whole mess against him. Per sure does tho, and it's unlikely we've heard the last of it from him.