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Lou Williams On Clippers’ Quarantine Group Chat: “Kawhi Talks The Most In Our Group Chat, Believe It Or Not.”

(via Forbes)

(via Forbes)

When it comes to Kawhi Leonard, he has a reputation for being a quiet, reserved individual. The media portrays him as a soft-spoken type of leader and a guy who just wants to be left alone.

Behind the scenes, however, there's reason to think he's not that way at all. A lot of his ex-teammates have expressed their surprise upon learning the truth about Kawhi. His current Clippers teammate Lou Williams went so far as to say he's "trolling" everyone by portraying his "quiet guy" persona.

“He talks. You know what, Kawhi talks the most in our group chat believe it or not. The dude is a leader. I don’t know where he got pegged as this guy that doesn’t talk or whatever. I think he’s trolling a little bit when he does that,” Williams said.

It seems we may have the wrong perception of Leonard. While he may appear more reserved to the media, it seems he's much more outgoing to his teammates.

His reputation for silence may be him trolling or it may be him not feeling comfortable with letting us see his true self. Whatever the case, it has got to be encouraging for Clippers' fans to know that their best player is far more engaged than they thought.

It makes you wonder what else he may be hiding from the world...