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Lou Williams Praises Tyronn Lue While Describing Clippers' Game: "We're Just Playing Really Good Basketball. Trusting Basketball. Everyone On A String. We're Just Playing With A Lot Of Trust And Playing Freely."

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

Despite suffering one of the worst defeats in NBA history last week, the Los Angeles Clippers are demonstrating they're ready to change the narrative around them and become a successful team in an NBA season that will have a lot of competition for them.

After a terrible end to the 2019/20 season, the Clips decided to part ways with Doc Rivers and Tyronn Lue was selected to replace the veteran head coach. Lue has had a good start to the season despite being dismantled by the Dallas Mavericks a couple of days ago. The 2016 NBA champion is doing a good job with his team and his players have credited him for the good things he's done for the squad.

Veteran sixth man Lou Williams is one of those. He had nothing but good things to say about Lue and his strategies, explaining that the Clippers are playing good basketball and the coach has a lot to do with the changes.

"We're just playing really good basketball. Trusting basketball. Everyone on a string. We're just playing with a lot of trust and playing freely. You have to give a lot of credit to T-Lue and his system," Williams said after the Clippers beat the Portland Trail Blazers, 128-105 on Wednesday night.

This season is very important for the Clippers. They need to win or at least reach the Western Conference Finals to retain Kawhi Leonard and convince him that this is the right project for him. Otherwise, they will be looking for another franchise player in a league with not so many stars available to sign.

So far, Lue has been very good for the Clippers but the big test isn't even here yet. The team expects to continue their good pace and see how deep they can get in the 2021 NBA playoffs.