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Lou Williams Tells Amazing Kobe Bryant Story

(via ClutchPoints)

(via ClutchPoints)

Lou Williams was a Lakers for a total of 58 games in the 2016-17 season. And while his experience with the franchise wasn't long, there is one moment that stuck out to the 3x Sixth Man of the Year.

In a chat with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson in their new video podcast “All The Smoke,” he revealed this exchange between him and Lakers legend Kobe Bryant in one particularly brutal loss:

(via The Los Angeles Times):

“[Kobe Bryant] is going to be mad at me for this but we got blown out in Portland and he came in the locker room and he said: ‘From now on, every time down the court, I touch the ball. Y’all are going to learn what it’s like to play with Kobe Bean … Bryant,’” said Williams. “We had just gotten the … kicked out of us and Kobe wasn’t going for it.”

That season was a rough one for the Lakers, who were second to last in the West with 56 total losses. Even in the midst of that reality, Bryant wasn't happy with losing and wanted to do whatever he could to win the game. Considering he was, far and away, their best player at the time, he wanted the ball in his hands.

It's nice to know that the Mamba Mentality never wavered for Kobe, even in the worst of times.